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All applications for financial aid to Fondation Animo pour la vie need to be submitted from your veterinarian by completing the appropriate form.

The applications submitted directly by the animal owners will not be retained.

When to apply for financial aid?

The application needs to be submitted by your veterinarian before the intervention. The veterinarian must provide a detailed estimate of the necessary care with the application.

What are the criterias for admissibility?

  • The intervention is required to save animal’s life;

  • The financial means are inadequate to allow the necessary intervention (family income of 45,000$ or less);

  • The client must be able to contribute by assuming 33% of the veterinary fees;

  • The relationship between the owner and the animal must be clearly established;

  • The veterinarian who submits the application for financial aid will also need to assume 15% of the intervention’s related fees.

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